Feb 13, 2012

Lexus Launches Super Bowl Beast Spot

Last week was an action packed week as Lexus debuted "The Beast" Campaign for its brand new GS with our heavily stylized sci-fi spot that aired as the 1st quarter of the Super Bowl came to a close.  As a lifelong Dolphins & Cowboys fan who despised both Super Bowl participants, it was nice to have something during the game to look forward to.  Part 2 rolled out the following day and showcased the car escaping the vault and dashing down an obstacle-filled corridor.

I produced the project, filmed in November 2011, for LA-based Hazel Films in collaboration with ATTIK Agency from SF.  We shot the spots in Long Beach on 2 Alexas with Director Simon Needham, DP Daniel Ardilley, and Production Designer Loren Lyons.

Look for the 2 spots to be posted soon on my SPOTS page, as well as a BTS link.