Jun 24, 2014

Dogs, Dresses, & Disney

To say I've worked with an interesting range of star talent this year would be quite the understatement.  I kicked off the year with 4 Olympic spots for NBC featuring Jenna Elfman, JK Simmons, and Payton the Dog in USA Hockey goaltending gear.  Continuing the canine theme, I recently had the opportunity to work with a spectacular dog named Bomber on a project with Director Alex Ogus of Company Films.  The process of casting & training the dogs took almost a full month.  Thanks to the hard work of Ursula at Boone's Animal Trainers, Bomber put together a smooth & unforgettable performance on the shoot day.

Honey Boo Boo in Georgia.  The Duggars in Arkansas (aka the 19 kids & counting family).  Randy at Kleinfeld Bridal in NYC (Say Yes to the Dress!)  Just a few of the interesting characters we spent time working with for the TLC Network up front, directed by Glen Owen.  Fun fact:  TLC has no less than 5 shows about Bridal Wear!  This shoot was a manic, transcontinental journey, but we had a blast.

Last but certainly not least, back in the comfort of the studios of Los Angeles, we caught up with Disney talent for a pair of shoots in May.  Sasha Pieterse of "Pretty Little Liars" starred in a Coke commericial, and we promoted the film "The Fault In our Stars" in a piece shot backstage with Chasing Life stars Italia Ricci & Aisha Dee.

Be on the lookout for some new production stills shot behind the scenes on these interesting sets!