Feb 3, 2015

Super Bowl Spot Starring Liz Hurley

Check out the attached link for an Adweek piece on a Super Bowl spot I recently produced for E!  With a team including Director Matt Fife, DP Anghel Decca, & Prod. Designer Jon Noble, we recreated a London Alley street scene on the backlot at Universal Studios.  Shot over 2 nights, we utlized Steadicam, Phantom High Speed Camera, Technocrane, and a Motion Control Dolly to create this cinematic piece.  Look for the :60 directors cut coming soon to my site.

Aug 22, 2013

Lexus IS Amazing

Lexus IS Amazing was one of the most interesting shoots I've worked on.  Blacklight dancers, a "live" human statue with full body paint, a guitarist popping out of a stack of suitcases, exploding white baloons, insert shots of redlips on plexiglass, and even a Cirque du Soleil acrobat flown in from Vegas were among the unique items on our shot list at Source Studios in Hollywood.  After months of hard work by the web design team, the interactive piece is now oniline where YOU can personally trigger and assemble the aforementioned puzzle pieces into your very own "Amazing Mix."  Click on the blue title/arrow above for the link.

Jun 17, 2013

Happy Anniversary, Scion!

The Scion 10th Anniversary spots I produced for Blueyed Pictures in conjunction with ATTIK/SF recently hit the air.... check out this link to see the extended 2 minute version cut by editorial wunderkind Jeesh.


Mar 7, 2012

Close Call!

Oftentimes the process of creating a 30 second spot can be perceived (especially by outsiders & visitors to set) as something akin to watching paint dry.  On our recent car shoot up in the SF Bay Area, we had a little bit of excitement to say the least!  Click on the arrow above for a look at Drifter Ken Gushi's incredibly close call with a deer.  The magic was captured from overhead by our helicopter-mounted camera which was operated by Aerial DP Kurt Soderling.

May 20, 2011

Click here to see Sony F65- Behind the Scenes on set of "The Arrival"

I recently had the opportunity to produce the very first shoot on the brand new Sony F65, which debuted at NAB in April. The short film was entitled "The Arrival" and involved a great deal of planning and collaboration between Sony Pictures Studios, Dark Light Pictures, Sony Electronics, Otto Nemenz, and Colorworks. We shot 2 days at downtown LA locations including the Bradbury Building, Union Station, and good ol' Broadway (at night). The footage quality was amazing. The attached link will take you to a detailed look behind the scenes with our Director/DP Curtis Clark, ASC.