NFL 2018 SNF Open w/Carrie Underwood

Filmed @ LA Center Studios, Downtown LA, & various B-Unit Locations around the US.

Fox Television - Image Campaign/Drama

Shot @ Sunset Las Palmas Studios, Hollywood

Strength in Numbers: The 2017 NBA Finals

Produced by m ss ng p eces, Strength in Numbers lets you relive the excitement of the 2017 NBA Finals in VR. It was unprecedented from the outset—the first time in history that two teams matched up for a third straight NBA Finals. This is The Finals from a view you won’t find anywhere else—on the court, behind the scenes, and everywhere in between, featuring player interviews and breathtaking in-game action. Watch it for free on Oculus Video for Rift and Gear VR! Rift: Gear VR:

E! "The Royals" :60

Shot on the backlot @ Universal Studios

Fox Television - Image Campaign/Comedy

Shot @ Sunset Las Palmas Studios, Hollywood

The Weather Channel - Baseball Bat

Shot on location in Atlanta, GA

Jay Leno - Curling Promo

Leno Relaunch spot tied in to 2010 Winter Olympics on NBC. Shot on location in Chatsworth, CA

2010 NBA All Star Intro

Shot on location in downtown LA Metro and on greenscreen at Showbiz Studios

Ryan Lochte Style - Olympic Profiles

Shot on location in Daytona Beach & Gainesville, FL

Jordyn Wieber - Olympic Profile

Shot on location in DeWitt & Lansing, MI

2011 ACMA/Final Four Promo

Shot on Stage at the Source in Hollywood, CA

Fox - Superbowl/Direct to People

Shot on location in North Hollywood, CA

Ryan Lochte - Olympic Profile

Shot on location in Gainesville, FL

2011 NBA All Star Intro

Live action portion of NBA intro shot on stage in Hollywood, CA

The Soup - Toddler

Shot at Ben Kitay Studios in Hollywood

FOX - When I Grow Up

Shot on location in Los Angeles, CA

The Soup - Crabber

Shot at Ben Kitay Studios in Hollywood, CA

Animal Practice - Penguin

Shot on location in Century City & Valencia, CA